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ASQS began longarm quilting for our customers on a limited basis in June of 2016. In July of 2017, we moved Andrea into the quilting area in a nearly full time capacity, and she has been rockin' the edge to edge quilting services ever since.


If you would like to have us quilt one of your quilt tops, we would be happy to do so. Our E2E prices start at a penny per square inch for the quilting cost. There is a $5 thread charge for your choice of thread color from our wide selection. The cost of batting varies depending on the type of Quilters Dream you would like to purchase.  For more information on QD Batting, visit this link:  
You may send your backing to us along with your quilt top, or purchase on of our 108" quilt backings to use with your project.
For more information on getting your project quilted, please email us at with the subject line "Longarm Info Request", or call us at (606)584-7414.

We have a wide variety of patterns to choose from, including some of the ones shown below. We purchase our patterns from websites such as UrbanElementz, Intelligent Quilting, and many other popular pattern download sites that feature todays best digital quilting pattern designers. If you've seen something you like, please take a screen shot of the pattern, along with any information you can find out about it. We can purchase the pattern if it is available! If it's a pattern we can use again, we will split that purchase cost with you. If it is a pattern that is a one time use, the price of the pattern download would be added to your cost - but that would be reflected in your quote prior to sending your quilt to us!

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