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2020 Longarm Sampler Club

By checking this box, I understand that I am paying for the quilting of 3 quilt tops that I supply.:    
By checking this box, I understand that my quilt tops may be no larger than 85 inches x100 inches. If larger, extra charges will be incurred.:    
By checking this box, I understand that 1 batting will be 100% polyester. 1 batting will be 100% cotton, and 1 batting will be 70%cotton 30%polyester. All battings will be Quilters Dream Select Weight.:    
By checking this box, I understand that my quilts will be quilted and trimmed. - My quilt will NOT be bound. ASQS does NOT provide binding services at this time.:    
By checking this box, I understand that I should drop my quilt tops starting in February 2021, but before December 2021.:    
By checking this box, I understand that if I want my quilts shipped back to me, I will be responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance via USPS or UPS - depending on my preference. Payment for shipping must be made before quilts are returned to me.:    

If we do not have the full amount that you ordered of this item:    
Manufacturer #:ASQS21LASC

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If you need more yardage than the amount shown, please text or call us at (606)584-7414, or email us at and we will check the total amount available prior to your order. Thanks!
Drop off (or ship us) 3 quilt tops. The maximum size for each top is 85"wide x 100"long. You choose from a menu of 10 longarm pattern choices, to be quilted at medium to large scale, or select quilters choice and let us decide. Tell us whether you want your thread color to blend or to contrast. A few days after drop off, we will narrow down the choices of appropriate backing and thread options for your quilt, and text or email you options. After you have confirmed your preference from our backing and thread choices, your quilt tops will go into the lineup to be quilted. You will be notified when they are done, and can either come to pick them up or have us ship them back to you for whatever the actual rate of postage and insurance is through USPS or UPS. (We will quote both, and contact you for your preference and your payment method for shipment.)  Your quilts will be trimmed if you'd like, and ready to bind. We do not offer binding services at this time.